Using Data to Enhance your Digital Transformation Attraction Strategy

Mike Sandiford from Nationwide began by emphasising the prevalence of social media in today's society and specifically in recruitment. He began with some thought-provoking stats and points to stimulate discussions around how you can harness the opportunities enabled by social media and the digital age.

  • 50% of the earth's population is now on social media (2.78bn people)
  • 90% of all the data in the world has been created in the last 2 years
  • Of this data, only 0.5 is being analysed
  • 3.3 million videos are posted on Facebook every minute, 65,000 Instagram photos and 448,000 tweets.

So, the ultimate question: why is any of this relevant? In David's role as technology recruitment manager, this data is of paramount importance. This data can be aggregated from the web to form meaningful insights that can give organisations a competitive edge in the marketplace. Dave Scott then elaborated on these insights, giving an overview as to how this information is driving the recruitment strategy at Nationwide. He began by explaining an announcement made 12 months ago regarding their tech strategy

Dave explained how their digital transformation was an exciting time, encompassing their positive approach to the challenges of competitors and rapidly evolving times.

"The core focus of the strategy was to drive service leadership through digitalisation, multi-channel technology."

Dave then explained how using insights from data can help you to progress your tech recruitment strategy. He divided this into five direct insights

  • Be more consultative- being able to go with researched data and information, allowing more authority behind decision-making.
  • Tangible data to add weight to any recruitment discussions- having objective, factual data to inform decisions and increase the likelihood of the best outcomes.
  • Good visuals to present to hiring managers- the data can be easily converted such as into a PDF and then presented in a way that is comprehensible and engaging.
  • Competitor analysis for targeted campaigns- looking at where the talent currently exists and using means such as Linkedin to approach these people.
  • Conduct searches based on diversity- using filters such as that offered by Horsedly to exclusively search for certain individuals i.e. females, and ascertain those that are doing well. This leads on from the competitor analysis point and offers a valuable way in which you can intertwine this with building more diverse teams.

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David Scott, Technology Recruitment Manager, Nationwide