Creating a Tech Referral Programme

Oana began by explaining how at Criteo, they did not initially have an employer brand manager. Establishing three key points, they began moving their EVP forwards.

  • Redefining your audience
  • Engaging with your employees
  • Maximising sources

Engaging with people and getting the name of your company out there is crucial in standing out against your competitors. Using your employer brand effectively will naturally lead to better engagement. Maximising sources means expanding your pipeline through innovation, notably; referral programmes.

Oana went on to debunk some of the common myths surrounding referral programmes, shedding light on some of the unappreciated benefits it can actually bring.

  • Organic referrals tend not to happen as much as people would think. This misconception means that not enough investment goes into referral schemes and subsequently great hires are missed out on.
  • The misconception that referral schemes reduce diversity- using referrals can actually increase the diversity in your teams.
  • Referrals reduce time-to-hire which is a common issue for recruiters due to the difficulty in keeping candidates engaged throughout the process.
  • Improving the quality of your hires- candidates will be pre-trained and already be a good cultural fit so less time will need be spent on building on these aspects

Diane then spoke about how as well as maintaining an internal focus, you can continue to engage with external candidates such as through social media to keep your talent pool as wide as possible.

"If you really want to keep the momentum going, you have to strike a balance between the resources that you have internally and engaging with the future resources if you want them to join."

Oana Iordachescu, Talent Acquisition Manager-Criteo

Diane Guena, Global Employer Brand Specialist, Criteo