Removing Gender Bias in your Tech Teams

Hardeep Kundan spoke about how to improve the diversity in your tech teams.

"Companies with greater workplace diversity achieve great profit, make better decisions faster which gives them a serious advantage over their competitors. As a result, companies with diversity in the workplace achieve better results and more profit."

Companies with below-average diversity scores have 26% average innovation revenue, while companies with above-average diversity levels have up to 45%.

The research speaks for itself and moving forward with your team, it is imperative to comprehend the value of having a diverse workforce and allow this to play into your decision-making in the recruitment process.

Hardeep spoke about her own struggles in recruiting females in the tech industry. In addition to using inclusive language in your marketing strategy, she offered insight into some of the alternative methods of recruiting a more diverse team and specifically in engaging with more females within the tech industry.

  • Putting in the effort to find different candidates. Hardeep explained that in her experience with agencies, she was told that there simply "were no female candidates" and upon using a different agency found that there were, in fact, plenty, it just involved a determined and open-minded attitude.
  • Making sure that you get case studies. Showcasing candidates you have who are from minority groups to appeal to others and attract more diverse candidates.
  • Consider the prevalence of underrepresented groups. Thinking about who you currently have and what marketing strategies you have in place showcasing that externally.
  • Having a diverse interview panel. As well as eliminating bias, this is another means by which to reassure candidates that your workplace is an inclusive one

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Hardeep Kundan, Tech Recruitment and Experienced D+I Lead, EY,

"How to Improve Diversity in your Tech Teams"