What Tech Skills Shortage?

Matt Ingram-Smith began his talk by asking: 'Are we, as recruiters, just sitting in our comfortable boxes and waiting for candidates to come and find the opportunities that we've got for them?" counterbalancing this with the tremendous amount of opportunities available in technology to create these opportunities ourselves. If technology can take on the more mundane tasks such as admin, it leaves recruiters more time to concentrate on engaging with potential candidates.

Matt then handed over to Jane Hatton, who pondered on the notion of the skills shortage and whether there really is one. Jane spoke about diversity and specifically those with disabilities. There is a stigma around disabled people in the workplace; the idea that they are not as reliable, that they will take an unsustainable number of days off sick, and that hiring them revolves more around pity than it does around skills.

Jane provided an overview of the many reasons why it will benefit your organisation to take on more hires who have disabilities.

  • Diversity of thought- having different points of view will encourage creativity and productivity.
  • Having a wider pool of talent. 20% of people consider themselves to have a disability, so allowing disabled people to be a part of your workforce provides you with a much greater pool of talent.
  • Reduced sickness absence- research has found that disabled people actually take fewer days off sick from work. It is a common misconception that there will be more time taken off due to their disability, but as this is something that they live with they have ways of adapting and do not feel the need to take time off purely because of this.
  • Fewer workplace accidents- similar to the point above, disabled people are aware of their vulnerability and so have strategies in place accordingly, as a result, they have much fewer workplace accidents.
  • Improved retention- people with disabilities who are hired and made to feel valued are likely to stay and continue to develop their skills and help your business grow.

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Matt Ingram-Smith and Lynda Jackson, Tribepad