Key take-aways

Predictive hiring is the way forward for your organisation. You will reduce your time-to-hire, gain more constructive data, enrichen your application process and empower candidates. The detail provided in the results means that candidates will benefit from the process and learn about themselves. This is advice that they can use to be more effective in any role.

Narrowing down your search and giving yourself the best chance of selecting the right candidates means looking for individuals with long-term potential. While technical skills are important, there are so many other features to factor in when making your decision. Interestingly, experience has been found to be one of the poorer predictions of future performance.

Personality traits, perspective, values, ambition, relationships with others, and so forth are just a few of the characteristics analysed by AssessFirst. The combination of these different assets under consideration alongside professional skills allows for the most accurate and helpful future predictions of performance.