As the UK is experiencing its lowest unemployment rate to date, we now need to tap into passive candidates if we are looking to attract the best talent in the market. By applying traditional marketing approaches to talent attraction, we can nurture our target audience down the recruitment funnel and provide them with relevant and personalised information to help them become ready for hire.

This funnel approach can be particularly useful in volume recruitment, enabling us to break down the number of candidates and the budget we need to allocate at each stage of the journey. It can also help us measure successes and identify the areas where we can improve and adapt our processes.

With a booming market for recruitment technology, we now have access to a variety of software solutions (from ATS to chatbots and gamified assessments) we can implement at scale to help fix blockages in our funnel.

But volume recruitment is also about communication. Successful case studies have taught us that as in-house recruiters, we must maintain an open collaboration with key stakeholders within the business to identify the best talent suited to their needs.